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 2020 has proven challenging for most South African families with routines that have been flipped upside down. Mornings are replaced by logging into a virtual classroom before your kids have even had their breakfast. Finding a balance between online learning and the real world can be tricky to manage when whiteboards are replaced with screens and schoolbooks replaced with keypads.


But like most conundrums in modern-day living, various positive aspects can’t be overlooked. Here are a few ways your child can benefit from an online teacher and how you can help bring positive attributes to the forefront.


Pinpoint Your Child’s Preferred Learning Style


An online teacher isn’t limited to the supplies within the four walls of the classroom. Although this challenges more creativity, it is a perfect opportunity to use various learning styles in class. All children have different ways they process information. Online classes could be the perfect opportunity to see which one your child responds to best. Are they more interested in the visual aspect of it all, or do their ears perk up when they hear a song that covers the class material? Many online classes also make use of realia. Perhaps your child flourishes academically when there is a show and tell with props and real-life examples. Take this time to understand how your child learns and ask the online teacher to focus more on those activities.


Improve Their Computer Efficiency


The future is digital. Online learning teaches your kid valuable computer skills that they can use in future career developments. In a fast-changing technological world, computer efficiency and innovation are becoming not only sought after but a necessity. By being able to responsibility work and manage online learning devices, your child is learning valuable skills.


Teach Self-Discipline


It is not only the responsibility of the online teacher but also your child’s responsibility to make sure that they work at a pace that is productive and sustainable. Maybe they work best in quiet study. Some prefer soft music in the background. Take the time to explore what they consider an “ideal” work environment.


Become More Involved


An online teacher can give you a glimpse of what your child is like in a school environment. This is ideal for parents to be much more involved in the topics discussed in class. After class, ask your child what they enjoyed most about the lesson. With the information still fresh in their minds, you’ll get a bit more out of your kiddo than on the drive home after a long school day.


Contact us for more details if you want to know how an online teacher can help your child.