au pair and young vild in arms

When Only the Best Au Pair Hire in Cape Town Will Do


As most mothers will attest, nothing on earth is more precious than our children. These bundles of joy bring light to our lives and we will do anything to give them the best life possible. Yet, to look after our family, we also need to look after our careers and other responsibilities, which means we cannot always be there for them every single moment of the day. Luckily, there is an answer. It is specifically because of his love for children that we brought AuPair Extraordinaire to life – an exceptional au pair hire service in Cape Town that recruits only the top candidates and carefully match them to your family.


What makes us the best au pair hire service in Cape Town?


  • We understand the needs of parents. Life can be demanding and we cannot be there for our children every waking moment while also providing for them. So, we have created this au pair hire service in Cape Town to help create an environment where parents can allow themselves to lead empowered, career-driven lives while knowing that their children are receiving the necessary care and nurturing to support their development into healthy young adults.
  • We understand the needs of children. The right childcarer provides so much more to children than simply looking after them and preparing their lunches. This person should be someone who becomes a confidant to the children, provides a safe and nurturing space for them, and who supports their development in all walks of life. They should inspire, challenge, and guide the children to help them realise their full potential.
  • We have a stringent candidate-selection process. Before we even consider a candidate, they have to meet a strict set of requirements. Even if they pass this first set of criteria, they still do not necessarily make the cut. We also evaluate their experience, qualifications, authenticity, core values, goals, and aspirations, and their passion for growing and developing children.
  • We take great care matching the right candidate with the right family. Finally, if you choose to hire an au pair from our Cape Town agency, we will help you find the perfect match. First, we will present you with options of candidates we think will match the requirements of your family. You then get to choose who you want to interview in person. Ultimately, the final choice of candidate is yours to make.


To find out more about our au pair hire service in Cape Town, contact AuPair Extraordinaire today. We are sure you will find it is the perfect fit.